Review: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online – E.01

I’m sure that title sounds better in Japanese and not as sexist as it seems. That’s probably my one and only gripe with the anime is the title. I mean the main character doesn’t even really bring up that “everyone is a dude online” outside of the mention of his hilarious backstory. The premise is pretty simple for this anime. Our main character Nishimura Hideki aka Rusian, plays a free MMORPG that’s basically WOW, but works off the free to play, nickel and dime you as you go system. He turns down one of his clan member’s marriage proposals multiple times because he previously proposed to a guy… ripped from the headlines… like years ago. Now he doesn’t care as long as it stays in-game and they’re a cute girl… like video game girl.

After we see him play with his clan, accept a marriage proposal and go to school; we get to the part that of course changes everything. The clan meets in public… kind of like The Guild I guess. There Nishimura discovers that everyone he’s been playing with A) goes to his school and B) is a girl. Not only that, but his Waifu, online wife, is actually super pretty and cute… of course.

And You ThoughtDo you like harem comedies? Or as I prefer, male driven rom coms in which nothing happens and there’s no consequences to your choices because you never have to make one? Then you’ll love this, you’ll eat it up with a spoon… just like me. I like harem comedies. They’re not the best. The stories are kind of whatever at times, but there is a simplicity to them that I enjoy. Yeah a bunch of women pinning after the same dude seems a bit sexist, but it does in actuality happen to both genders during those tender grade school years. I can tell you the name of the girl and boy that everyone had a crush on all the way through middle school at every school I attended. It’s just how that shit works.

We’ll see how the story goes since this first episode was basically used to reveal the twist and the second episode will show exactly how the story is going to proceed. After two seasons of anime without a decent harem comedy to watch, I’m actually looking forward to this one.

The animation was really strong, particularly when inside the game which I liked. I hate when they phone it in on shit like that and then make the rest of the world look really good. In particular I liked when the story shifted when they talked about “Normies” and how deranged the characters both in the game world and real world looked.

Is this the most original or amazing story? No. Can some people relate to one aspect of it, ie, a guy proposing to a guy? I guess, I mean that’s real right there, but man is it a weird premise for a harem comedy. Either way, I’ll be watching this one, maybe not reviewing it, but watching it at least.


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