Review: And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online – E.02

Well… this is definitely a second episode. It’s not good, but it’s necessary. We stay with the scene at the restaurant with everyone getting to know each other and after a bit it’s clear that none of them really have any friends outside of the game. Then they part ways and they’re all clear that the game is the game and the real world is the real world. Meaning, they’re not going to run up to each other and just start talking at school and shit. Ako blows that up in the very next scene and the reality that this anime set up is basically broken. I tend to dislike it when that happens in a harem comedy. It’s not necessary in my opinion, but it happens more often than not. Ako finds Rusian’s class and destroys everything. They take her to the master because suddenly school doesn’t matter and she creates a club for them to play their game and this will somehow help Ako understand the difference between the game world and the real world.

The only funny, but predictable part of this was that Rusian (way easier to type so I’m going with that) can’t stop picturing his teammates as they really are. I knew it would happen, but the wardrobe switch was a nice bit of humor and fan service all at once.


I’m hard pressed to believe that everyone is going to fall in love with Rusian. I know that it can change at the drop of a hat, but it really doesn’t fit the world that’s being developed. The problem is, I didn’t see them blowing up everything they set up in the first episode either and they did. It’s why I’ll keep watching, but my hope of this being a great harem comedy has been dashed by this episode.

The animation is still really good. In particular, the scenes in which Schwein breaks from her online character and the animation follows suit. It’s a solid visual gag. Otherwise it’s at the same level as the first episode in terms of quality.



I don’t like this episode. It’s a bad episode in the way it’s constructed, paced and how often it breaks the reality of the world. It’s sadly necessary and at least they did it in one fail swoop rather than building it up which may have been terrible. It doesn’t change that this is just a bad episode and that the creators clearly didn’t really have an out after building up an interesting premise. Hopefully it doesn’t completely chase me away, but time will tell.

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