Review: Hundred – E.01

Oh Hundred… you were basically doomed from the start. Have you watched Chivalry of a Failed Knight, The Instructor of Aerial Combat Wizard Candidates, Asterisk War, The Freezing or Absolute Duo? Then you don’t need to see Hundred. It is a watered down version of all of those things and since none of what I listed is any good it makes the Hundred that much worse. The plot is aliens/monsters/take your pick, with a cool codename attack the planet. Special kids that can handle the one and only type of weapon that can defeat them are chosen to train and use their weapon, but lo and behold… they can train against each other and not hurt each other so that they can be ranked! Our main character is rated off the charts and for some reason everyone at this school, new and old, want to welcome him because of this. He runs into a stranger that is a woman, looks like a woman and acts like every female character in this type of show, but is pretending to be a man. She jumps on him and hugs him. There’s two jokes about them both being men, one of which comes after the main character walks in on her getting out of the shower and putting on women’s underwear… he later headbutts her. Also he gets into a duel with the best student in the school because of rules.

HDR_keyvisual_FX_Tougou2Really he gets into a duel because we need to establish him as the strongest and like all male fantasy stories of this nature we have to put down the woman that’s the strongest. I don’t even know why the other main character is pretending to be a man, possibly to room with each other, but then she acted like she didn’t know she had a roommate and wasn’t very cautious about changing and shit in the room. The simplest and overused explanation is an uneven amount of boys and girls and that’s really what this story should have done.

The animation is good until you get to the weapon part and then it’s generic and CG. It’s sucked and I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of it, well not me, I won’t be watching any more. Otherwise it clearly has some money backing it and I’m sure that the people who love and support the numerous examples I gave before, will also like this one.

I personally don’t care for this storyline. Dress it up however you want, it’s the same fucking story and they spend more time making the dude look cool than they do fighting this global threat that’s plaguing the planet every minute of the day. We’re likely to spend six episodes of him fighting others or just meeting people when really it should be a footnote to the rest of the story. Boring, uninspired and worst of all it cherry picks other series, but fails to deliver any real personality. It’s so overloaded with every trope possible that it fails to do any of them right, because if it did you might actually watch it.

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