Review: Mayoiga – E.02

If people aren’t dead by the third episode, then I have no fucking clue why I would continue watching this show. All of the characters with the exception of the main kid are either A) dicks or B) so underdeveloped it’s pointless to care about them. The guy who’s super aggressive about "starting over" tells the bus driver to keep going until the bus slides off the side of the road and gets stuck below the road. Some other dick says they should all give him their money since they won’t need it anymore and call it a day with the shitty bus driver. Who I happen to think is right about everything he’s said, but chicken shits out when he joins them later. From there they walk with their shit to what they suspect is the town they're looking for which just looks abandoned, not really hidden. Difficult to get to? Yes. Made by people with the resources of the area? Fuck no.

MayoigaBecause one of the thirty fucking characters worked as a maid once, she determines scientifically that the place hasn’t been dusted in a year. I wish I was making that up. They continue to search the town and find it empty. We do see someone or something watching them and find a print that’s not big enough or deep enough to be a bear… probably someone dressed as a fucking bear. Also the guy with the pedo mustache is a rapist and we’re left wondering if he victimized the girl who the main dude likes. That's the cliffhanger.

I can’t even begin to care about these characters. I really don’t even know if I’m supposed to care about them or just wish for their deaths that will hopefully happen in the next episode. Otherwise, this is just some bad fucking writing and a poor concept. Putting a bunch of annoying internet users that want to start over in life by moving to a shitty small town that would require a ton of work to survive, seems like a bad idea for a bunch of people who can’t face regular old life head-on.

“You mean over in this town I can pick a different name, not pay taxes and shit, but I have to work morning until night so I can have something to eat and running water?” "...Sign me the fuck up."

The main kid is super annoying and they just let him ramble which is part of his character, but annoying none the less. One of the women tries to be mean to him because he reminders her of an ex, but then he fucks it up by saying he’s not attracted to her like he has been with the last six women that talked to him. I know he won’t… but I still kind of want him to die first (Lion second for sure). That would be shocking in a way that would wake up the audience because right now I’m bored. There’s nothing creep or thrilling about this story, but man is it laying it on thick in an attempt to be either or both. Mayogia translates to “The Lost Village”, but I think it should be “Lost My Interest.”

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