Review: Clone #16

This issue is slow-moving compared to a normal issue of Clone, but it introduces some interesting elements and plants the seeds for the future of the storyline. As we learned in the last issue Amelia isn’t supposed to be coming with the clones which has put a target on her back with the lady clones; all the while Luke is clueless about what’s going on. This issue begins with a teaser of Amelia possibly being dead already, but we don’t know how she arrived at this juncture until the end of the issue. She’s the last to climb out of the hole that leads away from the farmhouse that exploded and she shoots the clone ladies a dirty look as she embraces Luke. The clones begin making their way towards the airfield which is now a two-day hike on foot. Instantly the lady clones begin talking about what to do with Amelia and our rogue lady clone Kazumi thinks they should leave her alone. Ultimately they take a vote on it and Kazumi loses.

Our rogue tattoo’d man clone hits up his favorite bar again and eventually beats the shit out of three rednecks talking about what they would do if they met a clone. He takes a flyer of theirs that gives information about joining the coalition and says that he’s the anti-coalition.

Strangely enough we also check in with the crazy woman who tried to have sex with Luke and also kill him. She’s woken up in the hospital and the crazy leader of the coalition is there to greet her along with some nut jobs singing outside her window. It kind of reminded me of The Waterboy, but less funny.

It’s a good issue, even if we see Luke take the backseat and fall into the role of overwhelmed and under informed leader. I’m also having a hard time accepting Luke as a leader; he’s the alpha sure, but given that they’re all clones shouldn’t there be other leaders popping up in the group? Also it seems strange that they constantly move as one big group rather than breaking up into smaller groups. They’re basically an army, but they’re an army that can act of one mind and yet they’re just wandering as a big school of fish.

The suspense is good as well, but it’s almost too thick. It’s getting to the point that I just want these clone bastards to make it to the island or not already. I guess that’s good though right? I mean I’m not going to stop reading until I get that answer so why not draw it out for longer?

Clone16-CoverEverything that Juan Jose Ryp illustrates is incredible. The opening page is cinematic and nearly animated looking it’s such a strong sequence of panels. What’s more amazing is how seamlessly it blends into the next page. Kudos to the creative team for making a powerful opening.

As always Andy Troy deserves a ton of credit in the visuals department as well. His coloring is powerful and brings the world of Clone to life.

Additionally Rus Wooton deserves a nod for his consistent and outstanding lettering. I don’t profess to know a lot of letterer’s but I have seen Wooton’s name here and there and have never been disappointed. He’s skillful at bringing out the tone of the characters dialogue and that adds a lot to the story.

With this being the sixteenth issue of Clone, you may be wondering if this is the right time to jump on the series. Well it definitely is as enough of the previous events are recapped here and the pacing is methodical in that it wants to trudge slowly so that it doesn’t lose anyone in the process. If you’ve been meaning to check out Clone this is a great issue to do so.

Score: 4/5

Writers: David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg, Artist: Juan Jose Ryp Colorist: Andy Troy Publisher: Image/Skybound Entertainment Price: $2.99 Release Date: 5/7/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital