Review: Ace Attorney – E.01

Well the Spring Anime season has kicked off and what a bunch of shit I’ve seen so far. I figured I would just start getting these out of the way rather than waiting for all of the first episodes and instantly losing motivation to write anything. Welcome.



Have you ever played or watched a YouTube video of the Ace Attorney game franchise? Then don’t watch this anime. This show is like watching someone play the game only with commercial breaks. It’s clearly geared towards kids which hey… maybe it’s popular with little kids in Japan… it’s not here and that’s on me for even bothering to watch this one.

The show is dumbed down for kids in an insulting way. If a kid can’t figure out the clues before the characters it’s probably because like me they got bored, hated the voice acting and hated how much the animation was imitating the game.

Here’s a scene so that you know what I mean…

Ace Attorney e1


It’s just like the fucking game… only you’re not playing it. Also the voice acting was generic as fuck and all the characters sounded like sub characters from better animes. I will never watch this again or deal with this franchise in any capacity. It’s not for me and if it’s for you please explain why, I won’t read the comment, but maybe someone else will.

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Ace Attorney – E.01