Review: Endride – E.01

Endride should be called crystal swords or something better than “Endride” which currently makes zero sense with the story. Here’s the gist, we meet a dude that is obsessed and I mean obsessed with crystals and shit. The problem is, he doesn’t know dick about them. Sure we see him studying them at one point, but it’s after he’s gone to a shop that just has boxes of rocks and shit and looked at them like “Man there’s like a world inside.”

That’s called foreshadowing folks. Bad foreshadowing, but foreshadowing none the less.

1154583_1200Eventually he goes to find his dad at his dad’s lab because his dad missed his own birthday. There he types in the code to a special case (that later teleports to the other side of the room thanks to lazy animation) and picks up a floating crystal which goes inside him and then he goes inside it and you’re left wondering what the fuck anyone was thinking with this show.

Inside the crystal world it’s medieval fantasy. There’s a king that killed the former king and the former king’s son is looking for revenge. He fails and gets locked up where he meets the other dude as he comes teleporting above the stairs. There’s a fight, more fights, the new guy to the crystal world has a badass weapon that pops out of his chest whenever he’s in trouble and we meet our first female character at the end of the episode who informs fucking everyone that she knew the prince would run away.

I have seen this type of story done before and done better. It’s not a new formula, but this was by far the worst I’ve seen using it. It just goes to show how tired it is. I know that the new guy from our world is supposed to be our window into this new world, but figure out a different way. I mean it’s not like anime is a new thing, it’s not like storytelling in general is new. We don’t need something is generic and simple to explain why we’re in this world and really you could have waited and done a flashback and that would have been better. Instead, you bored me.

The art was whatever. It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad. The CG on the weapons was pointless because it’s only for a second. That and the weapons themselves were pretty uninspired. My last gripe with this show is the fact that the fucking kid knew his dad’s secret code to his secret fucking container in his office and just started touching shit. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT!!! If my kid did that and got transported to another world, he would be dead to me even if he came back alive. I couldn’t hate this fucker faster.

If you liked this show, don’t tell me, tell the comments. That’s where other people who liked it or didn’t will likely be.

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Endride – E.01