E3 2015: Loot Interactive – Velocibox

While at E3 I checked out three games coming out from Loot Interactive. The last one was actually Velocibox, but it’s the first one I want to talk about. The easiest way to describe this game is to call it an endless runner. Which is good because without that it’s really hard to make this game sound interesting without making yourself sound kind of dumb. If you don’t know what an endless runner is it’s basically the control of a character (or in this case a block) that you navigate through dangers in an attempt to memorize the pattern of the level in order to succeed. In Velocibox you actually need to pick up six boxes to pass the level and it moves quick as fuck.

Before playing I was told that I wouldn’t last five seconds and damn if they weren’t right… I did last four seconds though so I will pat myself on the back for that. I instantly became addicted to the game, which is a good and bad thing. It’s bad because it became the only thing I wanted to play and I don’t think anyone would have been cool with me hogging it all day.

There’s a variety of ways to get through the level. You can move with the D-Pad left or right or up and down with the bumpers. You need both in my short experience with the game.

The game is simple looking. It’s intentionally minimalistic with just solid colors and sterile white walls to navigate. Frankly you’ll be paying more attention to what you’re doing and less attention to what it looks like, but I liked the minimalistic look.

The game is going to be for PS4 and PS Vita and really either sound like a good platform for it. I’m actually thinking of buying a Vita just to play this game unless it makes its way on the Xbox One as well. All in all, this was my game of E3. Simple as it may seem, it was complex and lived up to the hype that it had and more importantly it left me wanting more… like right now. It’ll be out sometime soon so I need to stop writing this and start pricing Vitas.