Review: Evil Ernie: GodEater #2

The God Eater, has such immense power. It takes not only the heavens, but also hell working together to trap him on earth, in Kansas specifically. Using blood sacrifices, the God Eater is trapped within a “Holy Telegraph” that happens to be weakening as time progresses. Not only is this trap weakening over time, but the God Eater is calling out to humans getting them to sacrifice themselves for him in order to release him. In order to maintain a balance of sorts, the heavens and hell both use surrogates with divine powers in order to maintain a balance and also prevent the God Eater from escaping. The Gods themselves cannot use their powers for it would break the holy telegraph allowing what’s within to break out. With an army of brainwashed humans walking towards the God Eater’s location, Evil Ernie and a divine angel work together to prevent them from reaching the God Eater. EEGod-02-Cov-A-ParrilloJordan and Davidsen both have done a great job moving on from the first issue of this mini-series. They maintain a steady pace giving just enough information to not only keep the reader interested but to also leave them wanting and asking more questions. The back and forth dialogue between each of the characters is quite vivid and gives a lot of insight on the kind of character they are and will become. The writers definitely have a great unique story line going on and based on how this issue ended, it will be interesting to see where things go and how Jordan and Davidsen will progress the story. Hopefully the pace is maintained and character development is a bit improved on.

As with the first issue, the art is so unique. Worley and Razek have such an interesting way to depict each scene in the panels. The blurred image style honestly works for this series. It gives the art a really ominous, dark feeling which is perfect for a story that is following a character named Evil Ernie. There should be things within the art that gives off an eerie vibe which both artists nail on the head. There are a few almost seems like rough draft panels here and there within the issue. Primary example of this is the humans themselves are just very bland in comparison to the main characters. Lack of emotions and even facial expressions within the human characters makes it seem like the artists just rushed through getting the humans done and put more emphasis on the main characters which for the most part are beautifully done.

Overall, this is a fantastic series definitely worth reading. The $4.99 price is a bit glutinous, especially for a comic that is only 28 pages cover to cover. If you don’t mind the price tag and are looking for a great series to start, pick up this issue along with the first issue because it seems like there is a lot of great things to come from the creators of this comic series.

[su_box title="Score: 4/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Evil Ernie: God Eater #2 Writer: Justin Jordan and Keith Davidsen Artist: Colton Worley and Cezar Razek Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $4.99 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital