If You Like 'Zombie Tramp', You Should Check Out 'Dollface'

If you pay attention to the site then you know I've written several times about "no more kickstarters, etc., etc.". The reason being is that I wanted something like this. Something I'm excited for rather than a line of creators in my inbox trying to get their title the most exposure because that's what you're supposed to do and blah, blah, blah. You want a successful kickstarter? Make a product people want. They're factually voting with their wallets and while exposure helps at the end of the day it's not a guarantee that with enough exposure you'll make it in the end.

TEASER3Enter Dollface, which is co-created by Zombie Tramp creator Dan Mendoza. I saw this and project and I backed it. I didn't need to know anything else, but when I read the premise I wasn't disappointed.

What happens when Weird Science and Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets The Bride of Frankenstein? Dan Mendoza, creator of Zombie Tramp's, brand new series: Dollface.

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Yup, you hit all the right notes with that one and well... Mendoza on art. I love his style. I even got one of the limited edition variants, even though I really wanted that fucking shirt as well. My point of all this is that yeah we'll promote a kickstarter, but I have to have something to say about it. Like, I'll give my right arm for that shirt or that I'm surprised that this had to go to kickstarter given Zombie Tramp's success for Danger Zone, but then maybe the creators wanted to do it all on their own and I respect the hell out of that as well. As a backer, I'm looking forward to being one of the first to read Dollface. If you're interested then click that big button above.