SDCC 2016: Dark Horse to Release 'Henchgirl' Collection

Based on the wording of this release I'm going to guess that Henchgirl has moved over to Dark Horse. I hope that it continues to release in single issues, but I'll settle for trades. Basically as long as Kristen Gudsnuk continues to make this comic and I can read it is what I'm getting at. Comic of the year right here. Also, "Reward: High Five" made me legit lol. From Dark Horse Comics:

Dark Horse is excited to announce the trade publication of the Henchgirl collection from Kristen Gudsnuk. Henchgirl is a unique series that subverts the typical superhero trope by telling the story from the perspective of a villain.

Henchgirl HardcoverOriginally published by Scout Comics, Henchgirl depicts the complexities of Mary Posa’s life. The daughter of Crepe City’s most famous superhero couple, Mary deals with the pressure of disappointing her family while avoiding the wrath of Monsieur Butterfly, her supervillain boss. Cursed with a conscience, Mary does everything she can to be something other than a henchgirl, but her plans for freedom always go awry.

Henchgirl creator Kristen Gudsnuk described the parallels between Mary’s life and her own: “A lot of Henchgirl comes from my own experiences of being a twenty-something stuck in a dead-end job. Luckily, I turned to comics instead of villainy. I’ve always loved filtering superhero and pop culture tropes through my own cynical perspective.”

The Henchgirl trade goes on sale March 29, 2017.

Henchgirl is a favorite of comic book fans:

“There’s an incredible balance of humor and darkness of the soul in this series…Henchgirl is the best book you’re not reading and it has everything you want from the genre.” — Comic Bastards

“Lovely and endearing but funny and clever [at] the same time.” — Girls Like Comics