Unboxing: Loot Wear - February 2017

By Dustin Cabeal

That's right, two in one day! Here's February's Loot Wear and yes I know it's March... see the part where I said I just got it and the January one on the same day. I didn't get the Power Rangers jogger pants, but I'm not an MMPR fan, so it's no love loss. I was curious about their comfort level, but oh well. Also, if you want to see the full reaction to this unboxing watch this week's Comic Bastards Podcast... it's explained on there.

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Unboxing: Loot Crate - February 2017

Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #7

The Rangers are powerless - literally unable to access the morphin grid -  as well as kicked out of the command center, which is now under Rita’s control with the help of the mysterious Black Dragon. A near broken Billy wakes up in the same prison Tommy and Jason have seen themselves before. Trini is attempting to figure out while everyone’s powers are gone, except for Tommy’s. mmpr7I’m not even gonna bury the lead here. Motherfucking Zord space fight. In all its might. The Rangers have gone to the moon base before (kidnapped), but I don’t believe we’ve seen a full on Zord fight in the moon. Especially against such a great opponent as Black Dragon, a creature with more Power than any of her generals, and a terrifying look that is a mix of a Pacific Rim Kaiju and an evil commander pulled from any of the later series in Power Ranger’s history.Hendry Prasetya is outdoing himself here every time he shows a Zord being used to its full range of abilities. The finger missiles on the Dragonzord was very underutilized during the series, and Prasetya explores it to its full potential of awesomeness. Can you imagine what he would do with the Astro Megaship…? OK, I’m drooling now.

Kyle Higgins’ arc is maintained strong because of the strength of his antagonists. He’s presented a new, stronger opponent they’ve never faced before in the Black Dragon, and upped the ante with Rita Repulsa. Having her sit right where Zordon’s containment tank was is just one big fuck you to the Rangers and all the times they’ve foiled her plans. She was always the most effective out of the Villains of the Mighty Morphin era, that’s right, even more so than Lord Zedd, I said it. Bring it. She dealt the most damage to the Rangers, and Higgins shows the fruits of her labor and the reach of her ambitions in this issue. There is some talk of the Morphin grid to satisfy huge nerds like me, and it comes organically, and quickly moves on to giant robots fighting giant monsters… IN SPACE to deliver more of what was promised from issue #0.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #7 rewards the returning reader for following the journey through 7 months, and it welcomes new readers, both by giving a new story fallout that stems off the old one opening a new arc.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #7 Writer: Kyle Higgins Artist: Hendry Prasetya Colorist: Matt Herms Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital