Review: Adventure Time 2016 Spooktacular

It’s that time of year again folks: the weather is getting cooler, the TV is playing football, and comics are issuing their Halloween specials. Adventure Time is one of those series, whether in TV or comic form, known for its ability to transcend age and cross-genre. Adventure Time Spooktacular isn’t the best of the series, nor does it try to reach as broad of an audience with its content, but it knows what it is and puts up a good showing by the writers and artists. adventure-time-2016-spooktacularAll of the stories in this special revolve around Gunter, the penguin servant who is more than he appears. The issue stays true to the tone of most Adventure Time episodes and comics, mixing a variety of genres to great effect. While this issue isn’t one of the best examples of Adventure Time at it’s most creative, it is a solid representation of terror and humor. In every story, Gunter's temperament varies from mischievous to destructive as each author and artist take a unique shot at the character’s personality.

A few of the stand outs in this issue are “Wild Hunt” and “Soul Food,” written and illustrated by Christine Larsen and Meg Gandy respectively. I enjoyed both artists chosen styles; Larson gives Ooo a more fantasy bend and Gandy use of colors emphasize the surreal nature of Gunter and Hunson Abadeer, King of the Nightosphere. Justin Hook and Matt Smigiel also have a great story titled, “The Gunthering” where a twist ending gives Gunter humorous last word.

This isn’t a comic that is going to change the way you see comics. It isn’t the best example of what makes Adventure Time great. But it is a solid piece of writing and artwork for any Adventure Time fan.

[su_box title="Score: 3/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Adventure Time 2016 Spooktacular Writers: T. Zysk, Travis Betz, Christine Larsen, Nicole Mannino, Meg Gandy, Justin Hook Artist: T. Zysk, Ruth Turner, Christine Larsen, Nicole Mannino, Meg Gandy, Matt Smigiel Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $7.99 Format: One-Shot, Print/Digital