Review: Yuri!! On Ice E.01

Yes! Finally, the long awaited release of another novel and unconventional anime. Honestly, I am not surprised to see another niche and female stereotyped sport-themed anime show after the success of the equally unique show, Cheer Danshi!! It is great to see a steady rise in these non-conforming and thought provoking type series. yuri-on-iceThe anime focuses on the protagonist Yuuri Katsuki, a Japanese Ice figure skater who experiences utter defeat at the Gran Prix Finale Ice Skating Competition. He journeys home to Kyushu with feelings of uncertainty as to where his future career lies. He partially wants to continue skating and partially wants to resign, which causes him to hole up in his room for some time. Seeing his role model - Victor Nikiforov - on ice perform on tv, gives him the boost, however, to face the ice rink again and perform in front of his old friend.

Toward the end of the episode, the poodle named Vicchan alerts Yuuri of the arrival of 5-time consecutive world champion, Victor Nikiforov, who asserts that he will be Yuuri's coach and that he will make Yuuri win the next Gran Prix Finale.

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Yuri!! On Ice E.01


Review: Nyanbo E.02

In today’s episode, the nyanbo focus on fixing the UFO. In order to do so they attempt to implant different objects into it, but due to several failed attempts decide to go outside and search for the potential right pieces that could fit into the centre of the UFO. While searching outside, they meet the nyanbo idol group, known as ‘Nyanbo Angel’s’, made up of Sabara and Kijitora who expect their undivided attention but are disappointed to fid out that the other nyanbo’s are too busy to pay them any mind. Tora diffuses the rising tension between Sabatora and Shiro by asking Sabatora and Kijitora to help them in their endeavours. nyanboIn the meantime, Kotora-chan finds numerous objects that she tries to fit into the UFO. However, with each trial, the UFO rejects the items one after another and sends them flying, coincidently, back to Mike.  Sabatora suggests trying one of her marbles that proves to be a successful move. By the end of the episode, the group, with the exception of Tora, become more fascinated with collecting marbles than collecting the missing pieces of the UFO.

Poor Tora has his work cut out for him!

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Nyanbo E02


Review: Bloodivores E.01

If you have any interest in this series, don’t bother watching this first episode. It’s the type of first episode which is more of a self-contained story and is being used to poorly set up the next episode which will be what the show really is about. There are only three details that you need from this episode, and I’m willing to bet money that at least two, if not all three will be mentioned in the second episode. The first detail is that “Bloodivores” are people with a genetic mutation due to the side effect of a drug that cured some unnamed disease. If they don’t get blood, like a vampire, they go crazy and will attack people, like a vampire. Our main character is framed for murder along with his three friends and sentenced to death which is faked. Even if you buy it for a minute the preview next time, along with basic logic, tells you that they’ll be alive and fighting monsters or some shit.

bloodivoresThe final piece of info is that our main character is a “cross-bred” and was once called the “Child of Peace.” His father runs the agency that more than likely framed him and sent him to kill monsters and the dude’s mom is possibly still alive and out there somewhere… doing something. It’s left vague because I’m sure that when this was created it didn’t have everything outlined and so that was left vague in case it fit the story later.

There’s nothing charming about this episode. The main character comes across as being “too cool” and not the wrestlers. Then he has his coolness turned back on him, and it deflates anything that was developing with his character. The other three characters are useless and do nothing to the story other than act as plot devices.

I completely understand what this first episode was trying to do. It was trying to establish the world and explain the “rules” of the world. It then also worked to establish a backstory with mystery for our “chosen one” main character. The part that didn’t work and ultimately hurt the episode the most was the fake death at the end. How could anyone possibly believe that a show is going to spend the entire time setting up these characters only to kill them and start over again with the next episode? This isn’t my first rodeo, and so it was a very obvious stunt, and I didn’t even need to see the “next time” clip to know how it would turn out.

What was even stranger about the “next time” clip was the fact that all the men were still in prison clothes, but the women were in normal semi-revealing clothes. I guess that’s what will bring some people back, but fighting monsters and trying to survive while having to drink blood isn’t the most original or interesting idea. If perhaps this had been a stronger story, written tighter and with art and designs that didn’t feel recycled, then maybe I would check it out again. As it stands, I won’t be bothering with more of Bloodivores, which has one positive, I don’t have to type the silly name ever again.

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Bloodivores E.01 – “Bloodivores Official Website


Review: Nyanbo E.01

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the promotional picture for this anime was a cardboard Amazon box or more specifically the Amazon robot known as Danbo. The next thing to spring to mind was how cute the opening song was. Although the style of animation is different to that of Bananya, I thought the premise was very similar. Both series have a cat theme, all the characters originate from somewhere in space, and people are unable to see or detect them. This episode introduces all of the Nyanbo's unlike the first episode of Bananya, where the first episode introduces Bananya only. The five Nyanbo's include Tora, the focused leader of the band of friends and the older brother of Kotaro-chan; Shiro; the lovestruck Nyanbo infatuated with Tora; Kuro the quiet and easy going Nyanbo and the Mike the casual and lighthearted Nyanbo. nyanboIn this episode, we learn of the Nyanbo's mission: to recover the pieces of their UFO and return to space. However, we soon discover that while Tora's determination to repair their UFO is apparent, his friend's determination is meagre in comparison. This is particularly evident when Mike talks about frolicking around, relaxing, and living his life as a regular cat. Kotaro-chan's disappearance interrupts their discussion, and the four remaining Nyanbo's go looking for her. Tora finds Kotora-chan quietly observing a cat until it jumps out of the bushes and proceeds to run away. Kotaro-chan chases after the kitten while Tora and the gang chase after Kotaro-chan.

The narrator states at the end of the episode that although the Nyanbo's resemble cats they do not know how to deal with them.

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Nyanbo E.01