Review: Nyanbo E.02

In today’s episode, the nyanbo focus on fixing the UFO. In order to do so they attempt to implant different objects into it, but due to several failed attempts decide to go outside and search for the potential right pieces that could fit into the centre of the UFO. While searching outside, they meet the nyanbo idol group, known as ‘Nyanbo Angel’s’, made up of Sabara and Kijitora who expect their undivided attention but are disappointed to fid out that the other nyanbo’s are too busy to pay them any mind. Tora diffuses the rising tension between Sabatora and Shiro by asking Sabatora and Kijitora to help them in their endeavours. nyanboIn the meantime, Kotora-chan finds numerous objects that she tries to fit into the UFO. However, with each trial, the UFO rejects the items one after another and sends them flying, coincidently, back to Mike.  Sabatora suggests trying one of her marbles that proves to be a successful move. By the end of the episode, the group, with the exception of Tora, become more fascinated with collecting marbles than collecting the missing pieces of the UFO.

Poor Tora has his work cut out for him!

[su_box title="Score: 4/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Nyanbo E02