Batman Arkham Origins Collector Edition Image Leaks Online

WB Games loves their Collector's Editions and a strong argument could be made that the fans love them as well. There are a lot of eye's on the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins game and probably just as much interest in what the collector's edition will have. Well the exact details haven't leaked, but the image above gives us a ton of great clues... due to their descriptions:

  • Batman holding The Joker statue
  • The Art of Batman - Art book
  • 3-D Metal game case
  • 2 Exclusive DLC's - Which look like costumes for Deathstroke and Batman
  • A holographic cover box

I'm not sure anyone is really going to care about the cover box and honestly it sounds like the same stuff that DC is doing for "Forever Evil", but the rest of it sounds decent.

Via Linksters and Multiversity Comics