Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Leaks Ahead of Schedule

UPDATE: Here's the official trailer... still looks hella good.

You should probably get this while you can. I have a feeling that the WB will be cracking heads all night and into the morning to get it removed or if they're smart... they'll just release it themselves, but still flag all these bootsie copies. And whatever genius that released this... I hope you have a good fall back career. My thoughts after the vid.

Something I haven't really said on the site much is my opinion of this movie and it's going to shock you. I'm really looking forward to it. I've honestly been looking forward to it since "Sad Batman" showed up because that looked like Batman. In fact it looked like Frank Miller's Batman and this trailer all but confirms it. I'm looking forward to this movie more than anything Marvel and while I have no intention of seeing Avengers 2 on the day of release, I will likely attend a midnight release of Batman v. Superman (still a dumb title). I don't know if the story will be any good, but Batman looks good and sounds better. I don't care if they're manipulating his voice and CG'ing his body. Frankly I'm all for it. It's like steroid for athletes... I'm for it. I want my Batman to run faster and look bulky and so seeing this trailer actually made me happy and excited for this film. Here's some pics that I'll likely have to pull in the morning. (Shout out to Kevin for getting me on top of this)