Batroc The Leaper Is An MMA Fighter


Look at that... he's acting right now. He's acting like he gives a fuck.

I wonder what this thought process was: "Get me one of the greatest American actors Robert Redford and a French speaking MMA guy." Seriously they got a guy who I seriously doubt has any acting experience and they want him to play the most annoying Captain A-Town villains ever? Have you ever read Batroc's dialog and not been pissed off? I don't know jack shit about Georges St-Pierre that can't be found on his wiki page, but I for one am really tired of MMA fighters being the new "tough guy/villain" pool that Hollywood goes to. I will say good on them for getting a guy that actually speaks French... even if they're trying to fool the audience since he's actually from Canada.

Source: Geek Tyrant