CBLDF Names New Members of Advisory Board

The CBLDF is an organization that looks to protect creators, retailers and readers of comic books that have had their rights violated for comic books. That's the easiest way to explain, but it's become a very important aspect of the comic industry, because unlike other entertainment outlets like movies or music, comic books do not have a large body of lawyers on standby.

The CBLDF announced it's new advisory board conistant of some rather big names in the comic book industry. Here they are in no particular order... other than the way they listed it on their site: Susan Alston, Chip Kidd, Jim Lee, Frenchy Lunning, Frank Miller, Louise Nemschoff, Mike Richardson, Denis Kitchen and Neil Gaiman. A lot of heavy hitters if I do say so myself. Check out the CBLDF's website if you want to support or learn more... or just buy an expensive variant issue.

Via ICv2