Comic Bastards Weekly Feature Recap: 8/19 to 8/24

Well you may or may not have noticed that this week we featured an original article on just about every day of the week. These articles are actually going to be weekly reoccurring articles on the site and so in an effort to get you familiar with them I'll be recapping them at the end of the week. Now you can choose to check them out as they hit or just wait until the end and gobble them all up at once; whichever matches your desires. I'll also be spotlighting any interviews or important articles that happen during the week so check that out as well. Monday - The Spandex Retrospective

This week's article was The Meteor Man and was written by Steve. The "Retrospective" has actually been our longest running weekly article and we owe Justin Wood all the credit in its creation and maintaining. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a look back at comic book and superhero inspired movies. This article kind of birthed the rest of the weekly features so check out The Meteor Man which you can also watch on YouTube, and then read some of the other Retrospectives.

Wednesday - My Pull List

Comic fans are familiar with the pull list. It's essentially the pre-order list that you establish at a comic shop, but in another way it's just a shopping list. Each week on Tuesday or Wednesday one of the writers will be giving you a look at their shopping list or really just the book they're looking forward to that week. This week Jordan presented his list, which was full of great recommendations to check out.

Thursday - Comic Bastards Toolbox

If you've listened to the site's podcast (that's Comic Bastards Mother Fucking Podcast or CBMFP for short) then you've already heard the toolbox. It's a look at a character or a series and what we would do to change or "fix" that character or series. Sometimes we're going to map out an incredible story that the editors would never approve and other times we're just going to flip the story on its head as I did this week when I turned Spawn into a comedy.

Friday - My Top Rack

Female characters kick-ass and let's be honest... they're a large reason we all read comics. My Top Rack will take a look at one female character that is the writer's favorite or kicked a lot of ass that week. The range of choices for this are pretty wide so you'll have to stop by and check it out each week. To start with Samantha picked Emma Stone's portrayal of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Saturday - Comics: Where Do I Start?

Everyone that reads comics knows that everyone who doesn't is afraid of them. There's this stigma that if you weren't there at the beginning of the series that you'll never know what's going on. Even though there are countless examples of this being anything but true, the stigma remains. This weekly article is going to feature comics, graphic novels and tips on how to get friends and family into reading comics. It'll also help any couples out there that might be looking for a way to get their significant other involved in their hobby as well. This week Steve has a great opener called Ethel & Ernest. If you only check out one article this week I'm going to recommend you start here and then get suckered into reading the rest.

We also had an interview with Jeremy Dale, creator/writer and artist of Action Lab's Skyward, but since this is the first recap we've thrown in some interviews from the previous week as well.

Interview With Jeremy Dale About Skyward, His Love Letter To The Action-Fantasy Genre

Interview: Jason martin Talks About Coke-Head Zombies in Night of the 80's Undead

Interview With Emily C. Martin - Illustrator For Princeless Vol. 2 and Destroyer of Worlds

That's not all! We also had one group review this week for Zombie Tramp vol. 2 #1. The book isn't out until October so check out what everyone had to say about it, including one of our newest writers Kevin Reilly!