Do Want: Figuarts Vegeta Original Animation Colors SDCC Exclusive

As I've said on the previous action figure posts, SDCC is approaching meaning exclusives! This exclusive is particularly awesome because it's made by Figuarts and they make great figs. You might be thinking, "yeah, but they got the colors wrong." Nay I say, that's Vegeta's original animation colors which makes this even cooler. No price though... I'm sure it won't be terrible, but I'm expecting the eBay prices to be quite the reaming.

In this classic S.H.Figuarts rendition of Vegeta, he appears as you’ve only seen him in the original anime! Flash back to when Vegeta had reddish-brown hair and a completely different green and orange coloring for his Saiyan combat suit. Set comes with a rich variety of accessories for the ultimate action figure experience! Parts include folded arms, four interchangeable hand sets, including a special interchangeable “scouter crushing” hand part, three interchangeable face parts and head part with attachable scouter, tail parts, effect parts and special support stand for effect parts. This 2014 San Diego Exclusive is offered exclusively to fans in the US!

SDCC-Exclusive-DBZ-Vegeta-001 SDCC-Exclusive-DBZ-Vegeta-002 SDCC-Exclusive-DBZ-Vegeta-003 SDCC-Exclusive-DBZ-Vegeta-004 SDCC-Exclusive-DBZ-Vegeta-005