Double Take Issue #2 Free Appointment Viewing Continues with Dedication #2: Midnight Snack

You should be expecting this by now as Double Take enters it's third day of free issues to check out. All of these second issue just came out last month and all of the first issues are free on their site. You can, as always, check out my review as well.

As a holiday gift to fans and future fans alike, Double Take will be allowing free access to all 10 of their 2nd issues. The titles will rotate over the next 10 business days. Starting at4pm EST each business day, a new title will be available for 24 hours! Fans who are interested need only to head over to

Today’s free issue is Dedication #2: Midnight Snack (This title will be available through the weekend until Monday at 4pm EST)

Dedication #2

As always, all 10 1st Issues are always free at and through Comixology.