Four Color Trading Cards Launched to Cover Public Domain Comic Book Characters

Four Color, a new trading card series by The Drawn Word, will collect as many obscure and public domain comic book characters as possible. The Kickstarter-funded card series, which will come out in 20-card packs, launches today.

“When I first started learning about comics in high school, I was fascinated with the amount of old characters who’d fallen between the cracks of comics history,” The Drawn Word’s Christopher Irving says. “Since getting into the trading card game with the Madman Comin’ Atcha 3D trading card set (with conversions by Christian LeBlanc), the Amazing Heroes cards, and the Captain Action pack, I decided it was time to collect as many of these characters in trading card form.”

The series will feature 20 different characters a pack, with plans to continue publishing as the campaigns keep funding. The first set will feature Black Angel, Frankenstein, Captain Flash, The Target, and Black Owl--amongst others. Characters who evolved during their publishing life, such as Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein, will get a separate card for each version.

Backers can not only fund for the basic card pack, but also one of three special metal cards--that include art from Lou Fine, Harvey Kurtzman, and Dick Briefer--only offered for this campaign. Other levels also give backers the opportunity to vote for or elect characters for the next set. Once the goal of $1,250 is met, Irving will set a stretch goal for a special foil-stamped card.

“One thing the past few campaigns, particularly Amazing Heroes, taught me is in the importance of community. This is a chance for me to build a regular support system of fans and collaborators, to make an incredibly fun card set.

“With support like I’ve gotten through Kickstarter backers, the sky’s the limit.”

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