Hey Nerd! Get A Custom Tungsten Nerd Ring!

These are great and I don't mean that in a complimentary way. I mean that I laughed my fucking ass off at some of the options they're selling on Art Fire which specializes in engraving tungsten rings with nerd shit. You will literally lose interest before making it through all 91 pages of their products. I tapped out around page nineteen but mostly because I couldn't stop laughing. Here are some choices you have.

Let's start with a classic! You can't go wrong with Wonder Woman...



But don't forget about the Man of Steel!


Rounding off the DC trio is of course Batman! 10mm_tungsten_carbide_batman_laser_design_ring_sizes_5-17_fb1cf851

But why settle for normal Batman logo when you can have the shitty Batman and Robin logo?8mm_beveled_tungsten_carbide_batman_and_robin_laser_ring_sizes_4-17_8e3b8942

Or Batman/Superman? There's a movie coming!8mm_tungsten_carbide_domed_batman_superman_design_ring_sizes_5-15_5ae21eb5

Or my personal favorite of Wonder Woman and Captain America? What the fuck?8mm_black_dome_tungsten_carbide_captain_america_and_wonder_woman_ring_b54c4fdb

Or how about Green Lantern and Yellow Lantern... I mean I guess it makes sense10mm_dome_tungsten_carbide_all_lanterns_design_ring_sizes_4-17_8c0c74cd

But maybe you'd prefer something classic like Punisher?10mm_bevel_tungsten_carbide_punisher_laser_design_ring_sizes_4-17_e65cd2a0

Or Spawn!?! Fuck yeahmens_tungsten_carbide_10mm_dome_spawn_design_ring_sizes_5-17_546784a3

Or just remember who's the baddest Mother Fucker in the galaxy is with Vader... 10mm_beveled_tungsten_carbide_darth_vader_laser_design_ring_sizes_5-17_bfa06d05

Remember when this Harry Potter logo was cool? Before it was tattooed on everyone's calf 8mm_beveled_tungsten_carbide_deathly_hallows_design_ring_sizes_5-17_d59ad17f

You could get your Zelda on... 8mm_tungsten_carbide_legend_of_zelda_skyward_sword_crest_and_8_bit_hea_cf6035e9

Or fucking Bubble Bobble? mens_tungsten_ring_10mm_nintendo_dragon_design_ring_sizes_5-17_db955d01

This Time Lord language one is actually cool...8mm_black_dome_tungsten_carbide_doctor_who_design_sizes_5-15_fcd05960

And so is this Jedi one.tungsten_band_8mm_pipe_star_wars_jedi_design_ring_sizes_5-17__5af12406

But nothing would beat a daily reminder of the king of sodas! 12mm_pipe_tungsten_carbide_laser_mountain_dew_design_ring_sizes_5-15_2c8cd7a4

Or if nerd stuff isn't your thing, how about a post 9/11 New York sky line?8mm_tungsten_carbide_pipe_band_chicago_skyline_ring_satin_finish_sizes_24456238

That being said I'm going to send them my wedding ring so they can add the Time Lord lingo and Green Lantern with the Harry Potter symbol on the inside.