Infographic: The Life Expectancies of Superheroes

Okay, there are a lot of problems with this list so you might just want to click on the headline and proceed after the jump. First off this based on their life style choices and whether they've died in a comic or not, but everyone fucking dies in the comics. Also whoever created it for LifeQuotes4U, obviously never read "The End" line of books. I'll take it from the top on why these are bull shit though. Be sure to click on the image to make it bigger... if you care. small

Ghost Rider - He's a spirit... depending on what you like, either an angel or demon spirit. Either way the host doesn't live for very long and the spirit is eternal. Kind of a dumb choice.

Silver Surfer - Ha! He does die. Read Silver Surfer: Requiem. Not only is it a great book, but he doesn't outlive anyone on this list. Even if you take that storyline away the Cosmic juice doesn't mean eternal life, it just means Galactus hasn't bored with you yet.

Thor - It's called Ragnarok... he's also eternal and is in a perpetual state of rebirth.

Superman - It's hard to say, I'm sure they're will need to be a new Death of Superman in the New 52 some day and it'll probably happen sooner than later.

Blade - Well if he plays his cards right he'll fucking live forever because he's the next evolution for Vampires.

Wolverine - Listen, as someone who bought and read Wolverine: The End and can't remember the ending, he was at least 700 years old and still kicking. It doesn't matter if he drinks or smokes because his body can heal anything.

The Hulk - Again, I would point to Peter David's classic Hulk: The End storyline in which he's the last fucking thing alive on the planet... he's never going to die and if he does, no one on this list will be alive to see it.

Beast - Since when does Beast have a healing factor? He has a cat factor, I'd buy 150 if suddenly he was shifted to cat years. This dude's dying well before 150 just like all of the X-Men, they're like Vikings or Spartans they don't see old age.

Spider-Man - Looks like he's making it past 100. If we're talking Peter Parker... then no. If it's Octo-Spidey then yes, but only because he'll just retire and sell porno mags on flashdrives.

Iron Man - I'm pretty sure Stark will upload his brian into a computer Ultron style and live forever. He'll take up the past time of turning on your webcam and uploading the world dirty photos of you when not saving the world.

Batman - He's making it to 80? Good for him.

Catwoman - I like Catwoman, but I don't know why the fuck she's on this list. I'm pretty sure she'll kill herself before getting old.

Hawkeye - Come on, really? How old was he in "Old Man Logan"? If he makes it to 70 he's going to be loading guns in a bag and pulling one at a time out to playing Russian Roulette.

Daredevil - When's the last time that DD dived into some hooch? A drinker you say, huh... I see Froggy didn't make the list. That fucker's out the next time the McRib comes back.

Rorschach - I don't think Rorschach was fifty when Dr. Manhattan made him explode... I could be wrong and so his inclusion is pointless.

Rick Grimes - Look at Rick beating the odds! I'm pretty sure that fucking is past 40 and has been living on borrowed time for about five years now. Also it's not that the world doesn't have doctors, it's that Rick gets them all killed.

Okay I'm done the fanboy rant is over.

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