James Sallis’ Drive Comes To IDW This Summer

IDW Publishing hits the sun-bleached streets of L.A. this summer with the comic-book adaption of James Sallis’ modern noir classic, DRIVE. Artist Antonio Fuso (G.I. Joe: Cobra, Zombies vs Robots) alongside IDW’s own Michael Benedetto will adapt Sallis’ novel into a four-part series of Hollywood stunt driving, high-stakes heists, and cold-blooded revenge. DRIVE follows a young man who escapes to L.A. to do one thing, drive. That’s all he does, and he’s the best. Whether on studio lots as a stunt driver or in high-speed chases evading the cops, there’s no one better behind the wheel. That kind of expertise comes with a hefty price tag and allows for a strict set of principles: “I don’t sit in while you’re planning the score or while you’re running it down… I don’t take part, I don’t know anyone, I drive…” But in L.A.’s criminal underworld, the rules are made to be broken if you want to stay alive.

“This is a story that’s practically made for comic books,” offered series editor Justin Eisinger. “DRIVE is a lean, taught story, where the details lend that feel of authenticity. If you’ve cruised the back neighborhoods and streets of Los Angeles — or any metropolis — and you’ve read this book, there’s a tone, a feeling that ties them together. It’s tactile. It’s there and we want to bring those ominous undercurrent vibes to the page.”

IDW Drive"The idea behind DRIVE, the engine, was to write a contemporary equivalent of those muscular original paperbacks from publishers like Gold Medal—something that will translate beautifully into graphic novels,” explained author James Sallis. "I've spoken of Nic Refn's film as a perfect storm, where everything, music, script, acting, came together miraculously. IDW's DRIVE looks to be another perfect storm. This kind of loving development goes beyond adaptation; it's true re-creation."

First published in 2005, DRIVE is a critically acclaimed novel praised by The New York Times as “a perfect piece of noir fiction.” The 2011 award-winning film adaptation featured an all-star cast and was lauded for its hyper-stylized vision of Los Angeles. IDW Publishing’s comic book adaptation celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the novel’s release.