Jinri #1 Is Another Successful Release In Aspen's 10 for 10 Initiative

Aspen is pleased to announce that the third release in their ambitious “10 for 10” initiative, Jirni #1, has ordered in excess of over 35,000 copies and is the top-selling non premier book for the month of April, 2013. This is the third release in a row from Aspen Comics to secure the top spot for the Diamond small press rankings following the debuts of Legend of the Shadow Clan #1 and Shrugged #1. Due to the high demand for the issue, the Aspen Reserved Edition covers for the issue are currently sold out at the Diamond level. As a result, the publisher has pledged to offer their own personal quantities of the sold out Reserved Edition covers to help fulfill retailers’ orders. Creator J.T. Krul discusses the successful release of his new series:

"I am thrilled by the tremendous response to the premiere issue of Jirni. Much of the credit goes to Paolo Pantalena and Brett Smith for their incredible job of bringing Jirni's fantastic world to life. I know readers and retailers have hundreds of choices when to it comes to choosing comic books, and I am grateful they have given our book a chance. It only motivates us more. Issue #2 can't get here soon enough. It's only gets better."

Aspen is pricing each debut #1 “10 for 10” issue for the affordable price of only $1 and is also offering other incentives for each release such as original hand-drawn sketch covers, CGC editions, and special retailer incentive covers by popular artists J. Scott Campbell and Eric “Ebas” Basaldua, as well as a Jirni #2 cover by Philip Tan.

Fans and new Aspen readers who add each of the “10 for 10” titles to their comic shop’s local subscription service will be eligible to receive the special Aspen Reserved Edition variant covers. Those fans who collect all ten Aspen Reserved Edition #1 covers will receive a free full-size Aspen “Perfect 10’s” Jam Poster featuring all ten “10 for 10” covers on one image colored by superstar colorist Peter Steigerwald. The Jirni #1 Aspen Reserved Edition cover features artwork by Paolo Pantalena and Steigerwald.

Aspen encourages everyone to check out the release of Jirni #1 for only $1 as well as the second issue on May 22nd, 2013.