KyoAni Releases Character Introductions for Free! Anime

Hey this is different from the normal anime's I talk about right? Yup it's about an all male swim team and really the reason I'm talking about it is because of how it came in to existence. It started off as a short animated feature entered into a contest where it placed runner-up, from there KyoAni released a teaser trailer for it. The catch, is that they had no plans at the time to turn it into an anime and it was more of a demo than anything else. Well, the internet (especially Tumblr) fell in love with it and went to town on it. Now, it's an Anime. I think it's crazy how this came to be and because of that it caught my attention. I can appreciate that it's a lot like anime's geared towards men with gratuitous body shots and cuteness, but for women.