Monster & Wine: Episode 70 - A Lot From A Little

There is a lot of exciting soccer stuff going on these days and M&W are right there in the thick of it, recounting the matches that tickled their buttholes with a feather. Monster, always snacking (even though his body advises against it), has two new reviews for the people. First, the Quesalupa from Taco Bell, and the new Sweet & Sour Skittles...from any store that sells Skittles. Apparently (and obviously), Martin Shkreli isn't the only rich, entitled jerk-face out there and the duo discuss the newest Internet villain, Justin Keller. Also, M&W discuss the nature of repeat offenders in America's prison system with a particularly disturbing story. Wine plays a quick game of, "Would You Rather?" and some wacky news brings things to a close.