My Top Rack: Farrow Greene - Terminator Enemy of my Enemy

One of the wonderful unexpected surprises that I had on this week of new release comics was a mini from the creative team of Dan Jolley and Jamal Igle on the Dark Horse label. Going back to the early days of The Terminator franchise, Jolly and Igle in Terminator: Enemy of my Enemy have written a delightfully action packed tale that takes place right around the time of the first movie. The opening title line states, "There's a new T-800 in Town and No Kyle Reese to Stop It". That would seem like a problem, but after you read through a few pages in this story, you realize... Eh, maybe Kyle Reese not being there isn't such a big deal. After all, who needs Reese when you have Farrow Greene.

Terminator - Enemy of My Enemy #1 Page 4 copy

Ms. Farrow Greene, ex-CIA operative, current mercenary, all bad-assed and ready to take care of business against anything, including a T-800 is what she is. In fact, Ms. Greene does quite well against the aforementioned mechanical man in their first encounter as they are both trying to apprehend a mousy doctor who apparently is in demand both in the 1985 present as well as the future. Greene not only holds her own, she lays this T-800 out. If it weren't for his cybernetic make-up, he would have been wasted. What makes Greene so hardcore is that even seeing what she sees against the T-800, she is unfazed. She may be curious, but I don't think that there is an ounce of fear in this lady. Jolley writes her with power and passion that is befitting of this quite memorable character that I am looking forward to reading more about in the coming months.

Adding to her seriousness on top of the writing, is Jamal Igle's artistic depiction. This woman is ripped, Ms. Olympia ripped, lots of tight sinew. There is a frame in the story where you see her in a tank top with all her glorious muscularity...Well, you just know that she means business. And this isn't the only frame depicting her sheer toughness. Igle has it all over the place.

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If you haven't read Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy, this issue #1 is well worth reading (see review). Likewise, if you are looking for an interesting female characterization that is tough and can compete with the big boys while still not being sexually over the top, but written and drawn in a respectful way, then I offer you one Ms. Farrow Greene.