NYCC 11: Dark Horse Panel

First off, the line for this panel was filled with sheep.Here’s a pro tip for all you noobs out there if the room is empty… you can goin! They don’t clear out rooms at the end so you can always take the empty spots. Now you know and knowledge is etc, etc. The format I write about panels is either a recap that I write afterwards or bullet points as the panel is happening. Both work for me, but the bullet points usually gives people a play by play feel that captures being there. For Dark Horse, you got the play by play! Eric Powell – Doing something different in DHP #5 his story is about a robot that goes into space to either kill himself or learn how to masturbate.

The cover for issue #2 is becoming a story from Fabio.

Hellboy – Mignola, doing a new storyline in DHP with Hellboy drunk in Mexico. Eulogy for Hellboy where Kate finds out about Hellboy in Presents #9,three straight months of Hellboy stuff in DHP.

Avatar – Gene Yang, is going to be writing new Avatar: The Last Airbender books in January. Bridging the gap between the end of the series and the new comic series. Three books slatted so far.

First Guest – Sanford Green, Rotten Apple issue #5 DHP. Crazy Group of assassins called the black suits; hired guns after relic that can control the balance between the real and spirit world. His version of Spy vs Spy. Four part story. Looking to do another four part series afterwards.

The Massive – Brian Wood, new creator owned book. Ashcan special of the Massive. Called out Kristin Donaldson the artist. It’s about the end of the world, a “crash book" where everything has hit rock bottom, environment, economy you name it. Story follows a group of environmentalist on ships like green peace that’s been spared and what they do now. Three short stories that spanned the world.Did a lot of research with actually ocean maps. This is the book to read after the end of the Vertigo books.

Taking on the writing duties for Conan (Bleeding Cool ruined announcement). Follows the Queen Story line. On for twenty-five issue run,stuck with him (jokes) Already got a few issues deep. Becky’s super into it.

Orchid – Tom Morello – Three years ago he had an idea for a comic, Star Wars, Dune, The Stand with a class structure that was missing from them. Joan of Arc mixed with Suicide Girls. Writing musical scores for each issue. Twelve issue arc. Pretty good elevator pitch! (Laughs)

Watching a trailer cut from the first issue with sound from the lap top (awesome). Out this week! Tom is working harder this weekend and for Dark Horse then for his bands. (more laughs)

Influences for the music score are Peter Gabriel’s the passion, art show in Las Angeles that had a music score. What would the score be for a world that’s have everything’sand what’s left for everyone else. Said he followed comics a lot as a kid and used it to escape reality, but comics have grown since then and some influences have been V for Vendetta and Red Star (interesting choice).

Tom continues talking about the first time he went out to LA he ended up in East Hollywood and was accept by the drug addicts and prostitutes, some of the people he met are the inspiration for Orchid and he wanted to make her start off as the lowest of the low.

Rick Remender – Fear Agent wrap up. Building up to the end of the story. It’s been delayed (probably due to his marvel work) He goes out in a blaze of glory.

Buffy season 9, Angel and Faith #1 – Trying to take a much more personal approach unlike season 8. Dealing with the fallout of Buffy getting drunk… Glad to have Angel back with the company.

New series launching in November 9th, the House of Night. First issues only adollar. Comes out around the same time as the new novel.

The Strain – Wanted to do a modern story to the classic vampire. Third issue has a fat guy with a penis on the cover… not touching that one. David Lapham and Mike Huddleston working on it,great combo!

The Goon is continuing Bi-Monthly and going to continue making fun of everything. Taking his anger out on Super Heroes next.

Continue to work on the Guild comics. Writing a Zaboo one-shot and his quest to go stock Codec. Evan Dorkin does a cover.

Mass Effect – asked if anyone plays the game, one woman sounded like a dying cow when she answered. Then series leads right into the game.Issue is available before the series hits next week, suck it anyone that’s not here.

New Star Wars book, covered by the new York times for the team behind it which was responsible for Star Wars: Legacy. How did everyone start learning about the force. What do they do for 10,000 years? An inciting incident is going to happen that’s going to interfere with they’re way of life. Dawn of the Jedi, literally the start of the world of Star Wars. Showing one of the ships that people used to get to the planet to discover the force, as much of a mystery about the force. Nine different temples with a different school of thought: Tech, meditation.

Another series, Agent of the Empire also from Ostlander. James Bond meets star wars. Worked on a way to make a secret agent book work in star wars; very fun not just for SW fans but for action fans. Crimson Guard 3.Original team working on it and it’s on sale in a couple of weeks. I think I have this to review…

More Star Wars… more Knights of the Old Republic. Doing something similar to Legacy War calling it Knights of the Old Republic War. Launching in February. Knight Errant, I’m pretty sure I made fun of this cover. Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison… SW overload. No art… only a logo. Boba Fett book… called Boba Fett is Dead… I hope he is dead. He’s dead on the cover.


How many issues is Avatar. In digest form, published quarterly. (manga style) Asked if Avatar would be in DHP.

The arcs for Massive will be shorter arcs with one complete story. Three issue arcs with two arcs in a trade.

Is Strain going to be in one perspective or many like the book? Won’t be as anchored in so many perspectives.

Any concerns about the world ending before you complete your story? No, the question reminds him of DMZ getting approved and that they were worried that the Iraq war would end.

Some jack ass actually asked if they were going to actually kill Boba Fett… stupid question.

Clamp starting with DH, they're losing some of the licenses they've had in past, but didn't say which ones.

When’s the next Berserk books, they’re waiting for the next issues from Japan because they caught up.

When the new Umbrella Academy would be out. Focusing on getting Killjoys and get that out and then focus on UA after Killjoys is out. KJ is a bit off.

Now time for free comics!