Pires/Villalobos/Ferrier Drop LP Digitally

LP arrives digitally for the first time ever and the creators are asking you to name your price. Links at the bottom so check it out.

From Curt Pires:

Hey everybody, Curt here. You maybe saw that teaser we ran a while ago which teased something “LP?MP3” . Well first off it’s not a sequel, sorry for that. But this is a good news press thing! LP is now available for digital download, officially, for the first time EVER. That’s right; you can download a DRM free, digital copy, and pay whatever you want. That’s cool right? For those of you who are new to my stuff via THEREMIN, LP was a book I did with Ramon Villalobos and Ryan Ferrier. It was a self-distributed and published one-shot, run across some of the finest stores in North America. It’s been sold out for a while now, so we’re happy to get it back where people can read it.  

Readers can download a copy here : https://gumroad.com/l/wbSY