Review: 2000 AD - Prog 1910

Borag Thungg peeps, guzzle down the last vestiges of your dry Thanksgiving leftovers with three awesome things about this week's Prog. 1) Since Dredd just finished a long arc, this week's Prog and the next Prog before the Christmas special will both be one-shot stories.  If you appreciate sequential art at all, then you appreciate how hard it is to tell a story in six pages, let alone one as well-put-together as "Mask of Anarchy."  Willsher is one of my favorite Dredd artists, and Worley brings us a recognizable story rife with deception of the kind you can only find in the Mega City.  This was the kind of story where it's more than worth looking at the credits and going on a google-quest to dig for other things by people from this team.

Prog 1910 Cover2) Ichabod Azrael's"One Last Bullet" comes to its conclusion, and holy meta-what-the-fuck if it isn't a fun read even if you haven't been following it the whole time.  Hell, even if you have been following it the whole time, there's a chance that you haven't been following it the whole time.

3) Bob Byrne's Twisted Tales is back this issue with "The Plumber."  Any comic that can tell a cool story without words is doing damn fine work, and though I think some particulars are a little hard to follow because of some panel choices, it still takes a really clever turn, and Byrne's art keeps with my expectations of this anthology.

(Don’t forget, Progs ship in the US a couple of months down the line: bug your local comic shop to get on that train and get this anthology the hype it deserves on this side of the pond).

Score: 4/5

Writer: Various Artists: Various Publisher: 2000 AD Price: £1.99 (Digital)  £2.45 (UK) Release date: 12/3/2014