Review: Action Comics #960

This is part four of the story, so why are the first few pages everyone having awkward dialogue to reiterate what has happened before? First, the mysterious figure who is not only randomly narrating things but is ALSO mysterious, decides now is the time to give a summation of what everyone is doing right that second and who they are by name. Then Wonder Woman shows up and meets not Superman Clark Kent and gets more conversation to help fill in the reader who thought the fourth issues was the best jumping on point. And finally Superman randomly yells “Doomsday” for anyone who skipped the first page wondering who he was fighting. With Wonder Woman added to the mix, does this mean the age of jerk Superman is over? No, of course not! He just isn’t a jerk towards Wonder Woman, or Lois either, so I guess at least he is a nice guy to the ladies, or some junk. I’m sure it is meant to be great writing by all those involved in the creation of this comic.

How is Superman a jerk in this comic? Well first he treats Lex Luthor like the annoying little brother who always kicks the dog but gets away with it. Superman is just generally snippy and petulant towards Lex in the small handful of pages they share together. “I owe YOU nothing,” and other stupid lines come out of Superman’s mouth while talking to Lex Luthor.  Luthor who is the one AC_Cv960_dssuper hero thus far in this story, who has actually tried to save lives and not start blindly punching, the guy who in this story has been a little smarmy sure, but hasn’t done a single villainous thing yet!

But jerk Superman isn’t keeping it just with Luthor. While fighting Doomsday, he starts bragging about how many times he is punching him, counting out loud. The super speed punching is apparently his newest tactic against Doomsday which is just what he has been doing these last two issues, but FASTER! Don’t worry, Superman does come up with one actual plan: since the city is being evacuated as the fight carries on, he should move Doomsday outside the city to protect everyone…who is currently leaving the city. The holes in this plan sadly aren’t shown to anyone involved as Doomsday just ups and leaves. Because he hears, or feels, or just senses that Jonathon Kent (son of Superman) exists and he will now destroy him. Even though Jon is a huge distance away.

Before rushing off to chase after Doomsday and save small child, Superman gives Lex some crap, Wonder Woman even gets a dig in! Then the duo race off. Midway, Wonder Woman finds out Superman has a child, which leads to Superman giving the reader a super guilty side eye look. Which makes zero sense. Yes, this world’s Wonder Woman dated this world’s Superman, but the Superman of this comic came from a different Earth/Timeline so why the look? They have only met like three times at this point. This doesn’t make sense!!!

All of this is ignored so Superman can jump in front of Lois’ car as she is driving speedily away in fear that Doomsday is coming. Great job endangering your family there Superman. In the panel Jon looks super happy, Lois is totally freaking out, and Superman is just smirking; he just loves shortening Lois’ life due to stress and probably some internal injuries or hairline fractures.

Anyways there is lots of talking with some really inconsistent faces. The characters don’t look the same from one panel to the next, and sometimes the facial expressions really don’t seem to match the dialogue. I don’t know if the artist was in a hurry to hit the two week deadline or what. It is a sloppy few pages. The coloring is beautiful for the backgrounds, if not a little non consistent in its own right. At least the story is consistent. Sadly it is consistently meh.

[su_box title="Score: 2/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Action Comics #960 Writer: Dan Jurgens Artist: Tyler Kirkham Publisher: DC Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 7/27/16