Review: Adventure Time Annual #1

Written by Guest Contributor: Jordan North Just when I thought I’d said all I could say about the Adventure Time comic something comes along and pairs the familiar dish with a delightful garnish. Adventure Time’s first annual issue compiles a series of short vignettes set in the magical land of Ooo, six in total, each with a different artist and writer-- sometimes they’re the same person-- and lets them go nuts. The result varies in quality but turns out some of the more interesting looking and unique stories that I’ve read in an AT book. And that freshness alone warrants a read.

“A, You’re Adventurous” is a simple-minded comic strip style short by Roger Langridge that’s cool to look at but did really stick out too much.

“A Sword Most Awesome” by Alex Cox combines a breezy antidote on Jake and Finn’s friendship with a cool water color style of artwork.

“No Dogs Allowed”—probably my personal favorite-- sees Finn and Jake trying to get into a party where, as the title illustrates, Jake isn’t allowed. So he turns into an airplane. A stream of consciousness rap later and the doorman is sold. This short is silly in the spirit of the cartoon but also feels individual. I chuckled aloud. Also, the whole thing looks like an acid trip. It is by Bryce Carlson and Dustin Nguyen

KABOOM_ADVENTURETIME_ANNUAL_v1_A“Dungeons and Desserts” by Josh Williamson and Jason Ho is the most visually similar to the cartoon and tells a very AT tale of Ice King playing a D&D style board game with his beloved penguins.

Derek Fridolfs and Whitney Cogar’s “The Summiteers” is also visually very similar to the show and to me most closely mimiced its zany and good natured humor, occasionally morally ambiguous heroes included.

Finally “The Lemon Sea” is a hilarious fly on the wall view of our favorite Earls (the ones of Lemongrab) on an average day out on a picnic. Seeing these characters outside of the context of some big event with Finn and Jake and just doing their own thing was hella funny. Kory Bing and Sfe Monster made it.

These short stories are fun and for a fan of the series or even a lover of comic strips and eccentricity. It’s worth a pickup.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Various Artists: Various Publisher: Kaboom and Boom Studios Price: $4.99 Release Date: 5/29/13