Review: Charismagic #2

This is a pretty ho-hum issue. Not a lot happens or at the very least is predictable, but if you want to finish the series you need to read this issue otherwise you’ll be lost as to how the characters arrived to their destinations. It’s a good issue, but I doubt that I’ll have a lot to say about it. The A cover makes me laugh because that fairy on the cover (he’s an actual fairy I’m not being derogatory), he’s total signaling “Love you” to Sudana. It’s just goofy and made me chuckle. Well what happens in the issue? Alle and Hector free something evil that takes the form of a firey yellow and green lion named Torgan. Hector is trying to fight the spell which to me says that he either didn’t know what he was in for or that he’s an unwilling participant in this evil plan. We cut back to Hank and his team as they deal with Kenny. He passed out after being teleported and so they suspect that because he has no magic in him, the teleportation affected his system. They split up as Sudana sends Hank and Kenny to dig up something from a fake grave, while Sparkles and her go find a friend (spoiler it’s the fairy on the cover… and I think he like Sudana… just saying). The last character we check in with is the wizard as he crosses the Bayou to meet with… a familiar character from the first series.

There was one disappointment to this issue… Sudana remained dressed throughout the entire thing. Seriously, that was fucking hot in the last issue! Not that I honestly expected it in this issue, but there was a definite lacking of sexuality in this issue.

Charismagic-02a-Reg_RandolphReally though the writing was very good and the pacing of the plot just right. We check in with each group once and even though it’s not a team book, it’s a team book format. We’re just dealing with two halves of a bad team, two halves of a good team and one kind-of-sorta neutral team. It works and while the character development is basically zero, I don’t get the impression that this story is about the characters. Rather it feels as if the events of the story are the important aspect and the characters just happen to be there for it. With the overall structure of the plot you can’t focus on just one character and that’s fine, it works.

The art is very strong and while nothing spectacular happens there are cool pages and moments. Torgan’s appearance and succeeding scenes are very cool and supply the most action and dynamics to the story. The art is really good and easy to follow, so no complaints here.

If you dug the first issues then definitely check this issue out, but if you missed out you may want to start at the beginning before diving in. It’s a pretty fun issue, but it really is just a continuation of the first issue. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s not very exciting either. Hopefully the next issue hits the story hard instead of checking in with everyone.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Vince Hernandez

Artist: Vincenzo Cucca

Publisher: Aspen Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/5/13