Review: Deadhorse #6

There was something truly magical about the last issue of this series which sets the bar pretty high here. The thing is this issue has a clear goal in mind and that’s to wrap up the first story arc, which it does perfectly with a bow and everything. It has a great season finale feel to it as just enough questions are answered, but the stage is set for the next round of mysteries. There seems to be a theme for each of the story arcs and the there is an obvious one established for the next arc with this issue as well. After learning nothing particularly useful from the Professor he came to see Pike sets out to look for his missing friends. He’s following the three sets of foot prints that lead to cave with a set of stairs. All the while his narration confirms exactly what the reader is going through in that Pike only has more questions that need to be answered. He finds Sasquatch interrogating his friends in a strange temple set above a whirlpool. Edgar and Elise are tied up and giving Sasquatch a hard time. Elise suggests to Sasquatch that if he were to take his mask off they could understand him better which pisses him off even more. As Sasquatch excuses himself to the bathroom, Pike attempts a daring rescue by scaling down a rope to where the two are tied… he’s not a fast climber.

deadhorse.01Pike continues to be a very charming aspect of the story. He almost doesn’t need the supporting cast, but they play their roles. Edgar has become severely under developed and I’m beginning to wonder what his importance to the story is. I like him as comedic relief, but there needs to be more to him. Pike and Elise’s relationship is kind of strange and I don’t know if it’s an older brother/sister thing or a father/daughter thing, but there is something going on there. I doubt its romantic due to the age gap.

The issue does a great job of wrapping of the storyline. The dialog continues to be very strong and Pike has developed into a worthy main character to follow. He’s come so far from the man that was scared of a cockroach on a toilet seat in the first issue and I think that it’s been a seamless transition for both the character and the reader. The ending is incredibly strong and I can’t wait to read the second series and see what the “premiere” will have for us.

For once I don’t feel like Tony the Tiger when talking about the art as there are some new developments in this issue. There is a scene with Pike where he quickly moves around Sasquatch and it was just kind of cool. Sure it doesn’t play out the way Pike wants it to, but it gave him a lot of extra personality and showed a real change in his demeanour. The use of onomatopoeias in the issue were fantastic. They're always just at the right moment and add so much personality to the story. There are several in this issue and they all are very effective.

I can’t compare this issue to the last as they are very different issues. All I can say is that the ending to “Dead Birds” is fitting for the series and doesn’t disappoint. We’ve gotten down the mountain only to find another to climb, but because the first was so rewarding we’re willing to climb again. The sixth issue does exactly what it should and that’s to entice you to come back for the next and even if we have to wait patiently I think it will be worth it.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Eric Grissom Artist: Phil Sloan Colors: David Halvorson Publisher: 215 Ink Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/31/12