Review: Fanboys vs. Zombies #14

Don’t be a hater and enjoy this comic. I know what most people are thinking; “I picked up this comic and it got lame real fast. Plus zombies, I am so over zombies.” Well guess what, I like zombies and just because they got cool doesn’t mean I have to stop. Also, I like this comic. I will not deny myself some humor when picking up an issue even if some haters think the story is lame. Ok that first little bit may be the lime-a-rita’s talking but I will stick to my word. Fanboys vs. Zombies #13 was a bit of a slowdown from their usual corny jokes and plot line. But #14 has picked that all back up. Kurt, Amanda, and Burger arrive on the space craft all safe and sound. The crew, lead by Arthur has decided it would be nice to have some new people on board. Well remember, Kurt’s brother Neil, is a zombie and he is on board too. The crew thinks over the situation and thinks having a real zombie to test their antidote on is a long time coming. Amanda finally mentions her brother, Kyle, and says how she misses him. I really hope that he and Missy haven’t died off. I loved them and it would be a really weird way to kill off some main characters.

FVZ_14_preview_Page_1Brendan and Rob realize that the other members have left for space. Rob wants to follow but Brendan wants to stay. Jenna knows the best solution is to just flip a coin. No matter what dire need humans go through we can always turn to coin flipping to make decisions. It gives me hope. The coin lands heads and the crew goes to space. Meanwhile, Arthur has tested the antidote on Neil. At first, the antidote looks negative but it slowly starts to work. Kurt is thrilled and Amanda is happy for her boo. I still think their relationship is gross and hope she kicks him in the balls at some point.

The comic really just came back to the original idea for me in this issue. The jokes are corny and they sound like my friends language when we get together. My favorite part of this comic is when Brendan, Rob, and Jenna are in-flight. I don’t know exactly what Jenna’s plans are, but it seems to me that she is just straight up horny. She starts to take her clothes off and the boys follow suit. She then wants them to cuddle with her, but they insist that she picks just one of them. She wants both. Rob makes the comment that she is trying to gay them up by flaunting her lady parts. It is hilarious. I love how these characters state the obvious and it somehow makes me laugh.

Towards the end the ship thinks that they have found the cure and start to celebrate. Well, clearly testing Arthur’s first antidote isn’t going to go as smoothly as they hope. We don’t know what when wrong but suddenly Neil is going crazy. Also, last issue Burger got bit and although nothing developed with him, he will certainly have a major role in upcoming issues. So whether it is the alcohol content of my drink or my crazy humor, grab yourself some drink too and keep reading this comic.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Shane Houghton Artist: Jerry Gaylord Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/15/13