Review: Fatale #15

I think I have to give this issue a 5 simply because it deserves probably every issue. The whole series is just insane. They were just going to have this comic be a mini-series but the fans loved it so much that it got turned into an ongoing comic. I thank God every day that they decided this. Fatale is one of those comics you must start from the beginning but don’t be overwhelmed because it is so worth it. I just reread some back issues because I can’t get enough of this femme fatale. Jo is an amazing character. When she uses her eyes to capture these men into her every demand I have to say that sometimes I fall too. I don’t exactly know her purpose yet. She clearly has some sort of meaning to Mr. Bishop and his group of creepy alien men. I think she may hold some key to immortally or even human kind. See I think she may be the holder of attraction and let us be honest without attraction the world may have less children, especially in the American way of looking at the need for children. Or like I said she is immortal and could be some sort of savior that saves us from having to live forever.

This issue finally gets us back to where we all began; with Nicolas. He is awaiting trial and all he can think about is his uncle’s book and of course Jo. She is nowhere to be found and instead sends some hippie old dude to save Nicolas. He breaks out of jail and now is on the run. It is a very quick intro to what is happening in his life but I am glad we got back to him since we haven’t seen him in awhile. He holds some key of finding the truth so the more he is in the comic I am hoping the more will be revealed.

fatale15_coverThen we jump back to the 90’s and meet up with Lance. He is in some cracked out band with a one hit wonder. They now have no money, so Lance affords his part by robbing banks. He runs into Jo on the street. She is naked, full bush if you were wondering, and is cut up pretty bad. Lance takes her under his wing and now is her new love.

Ya know, I am starting to feel bad for these guys. The comic actually hasn’t shown what happens when Jo leaves these men. I am guessing that they die to protect her. Who knows but pretty soon the comic is going to have to show what happens to these dudes and it will probably be the most revealing thing yet.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Ed Brubaker

Artist: Sean Phillips

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $3.50

Release Date: 6/26/13