Review: It Girl and the Atomics #11

itgirl11_coverI’m going to start on that cover! That is seriously one of the best covers of the series. It’s simple yet so dynamic with its presentation. If that doesn’t jump off the shelves at you then nothing will. That aside this was a good issue that basically wrapped up the storyline which I didn’t see coming. Some of the strengths in the last issue ended up being a weakness in this issue, but overall it was still very good. The opening threw me for a loop at first because I had forgotten where the story left off, but after the first couple of pages it made sense and I was possibly still distracted by butterflies. It’s basically the summed up life story of our villain who used alchemy to extend his life, but with the changing of the lunar cycle (ie, what everyone else thought was the end of the world) he lost his magic and was dying. It was a very interesting concept, but I honestly became more fascinated with that idea of magic restarting and having to build up again or being completely different. Very cool and Rich should develop a story with that or kick it to me to play with. At any rate, we get up to date with our villain surrounded by children and It Girl.

The dude is in full James Bond villain mode as he continues to talk about himself and how Osamu’s device is going to make him even better. All the while the kids are attacking one by one and failing to do anything to stop him. It Girl finally chimes in and I don’t know if it was shock of the situation, but she basically fails to use her powers in any way to stop the mad man. Dawn breaks and captain crazy old pants decides to walk around in his bathrobe and test out his newly transformed body by picking fights.

The kids were amusing in the last issue, but they proved to be useless in this one, they were just kind of there. Also while I didn’t like that It Girl couldn’t save the day on her own; I did appreciate her character’s journey. She can’t solve them all and this was a great change in her development to learn how to fail and also be disappointed by the people around her. Sadly, I feel as if the series is hitting its stride and that this story was to be the big kick off to the next batch of stories.

The art is perfectly fine and I honestly I wish I had more to say about it than it being great. Nothing has changed in Nourigat’s style from the last issue so everything that was good or bad (there was nothing bad) remains unchanged as well. She’s a good match for the series I’ll say that.

I feel that aspects of this story line ended prematurely in this issue, but it’s expected with its looming end. It’s a damn shame too, like I said I think that it’s hitting that sweet spot in which issues are easy to dive into and enjoy. You stop thinking about what’s right and wrong with it and just enjoy the experience. If you’ve been following the series, just know that it’s finishing strong so stick with it until the end.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jamie S. Rich

Artist: Natalie Nourigat

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 6/19/13