Review: Kozmik (OGN)

Review by Connor Russell Comic books are generally catered towards an older audience and it’s hard to find a quality read for the younger ones. With Kozmik, you can share your passion with your kids and usher them into reading things that are awesome.

It opens up with a little green alien (looks like a rat) in a spaceship, being chased by another. He is forced to land on Earth and it turns out he has a battle-suit that is specifically designed to beat the tyrant of space, Dreadnite. Zak finds the suit and of course wants to become a hero only that he comes to realise that a hero has a lot more responsibility than he thought. After being tracked down by both the U.S army and Dreadnite (who kidnapped his parents), Zak ends up being the planet's only line of defence.

Kozmik-1Kozmik was written by Scott Kinney. Clearly it’s written for all-ages, but I liked that it didn't feel dumbed down. There are a few little jokes that the intended target may not understand, but older people will (I don't mean rude jokes). The pacing is good and although not “deep” I found myself caring about our hero Zak.

Christian Colbert took care of the art. This is a cartoon. I think the art was all done digitally and it comes across like something I used to see in a flash animation, but a good one. Everything has a simple charm to it and it doesn't feel overdone. Some of the page layouts are done really well. Colours were done by Chandran, mainly a flat colours look with a bright palette; it goes well with the art style.

All in all, this book hits every mark well with the writing and the art. I did quite enjoy this book even though it may be intended for readers younger than myself. As I said, if you've always wanted to get younger people into comics, I really believe this graphic novel would be a great way to go.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Scott Kinney Artist: Christian Colbert Publisher: Arcana Studios Price: $14.95 Website