Review: Logan’s Run - Rebirth #1

I enjoyed this first issue very much. I always like futuristic plots. And according to a lot of movies and comics some serious shit is going down in the 2000 millennium. For those who like the book or the movie, I don’t think this comic will disappoint you. It was a good read and showed snippets of the future and the present in the comic. So I am a little confused on where the comic will pick up next time. It could be in the future or in the present. Or the comic could just be showing us a flashback of how it all started. We meet Shaun, who is a pretty normal kid as far as he can tell. He narrates the comic for us. He goes through his life and how his mother knew he would be special, but she died in the wars. These wars consisted of radiation and now the world is run by Thinkers. These machines hold all information and even human beings. Humans who had too high of radiation levels were put to death. Shaun is special because his tox screen came up completely clean. Shaun then gets chosen to withhold the human race which is weird because he is being turned into robot who works for the Thinkers. The transformation is pretty cool since Shaun is narrating the comic we can not only tell by his looks, but his thoughts as well.

Logan's Run Rebirth #1 (1)He is completely brainwashed and his thoughts turn structured as well as keeping the systems maintained. Shaun’s main duty now is serving the Thinkers. He comes up with ideas like housing or rules for society and the Thinkers take these ideas and use them. This is pretty ironic since the Thinkers have the name that implies they come up with the ideas but instead a half human robot dude is doing all the work. Typical.

After the introduction, Shaun is attacked by a human. This human wants to take down the Thinkers. Shaun is willing to help him and his team but I can’t tell if he is being genuine. Since Shaun’s talking is so structured he seems to be lying and also he gave no indication that his human mind still exists. He clearly still holds all of his memories but what do they mean to him now?

The issue was great introduction about the comic. It read like a prologue, which I thought was needed when dealing with sci-fi. This comic manages to dumb it down but still give an entertaining story. Like I said the ending jumps into the future and no doubt gets me thinking about what is going to happen.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Paul J. Salamoff

Artist: V. Kenneth Marion

Publisher: Blue Water Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/5/13