Review: Miniature Jesus #2

I am fascinated by this comic…in a good or bad way…I don’t know yet. I think it may be just that the story is so fucked up that I can’t help but be drawn to it. I had no idea what to expect when getting into this comic. I did no research on it and randomly picked it from my list. We meet Chomsky, a recovering alcoholic who talks to a lot of his imaginary friends. Maybe they aren’t imaginary but no one else has seen them yet. His friends consist of a rotting cat and a shoulder talking devil, no sign of the angel yet. He struggles with staying sober and finding belief in anything. His devil friend attempts to talk Chomsky into drinking and the rotting cat, well I have no idea why this creature is in the comic. I am guessing that the cat will be some sort of help. Chomsky lives day-by-day just going through the motions. He walks around a lot and in this issue stumbles across a church. He sits there asking himself why he needs so many facts in order to have faith in something. I find this ironic since most people who have supernatural things happened to them are more likely to believe in the unknown.

minijesus02_coverMeanwhile, inside the church, which occurred in the last issue, Pastor Button is preaching to God while a local boy watches on.  Pastor Button and this boy soon realize that the miniature Jesus hanging up is coming to life. I thought Jesus’ Second Coming would have more of a bang but I like how McKeever did it as a small event in obscure location. After all, I don’t think Jesus would announce his presence but instead people would have to have faith in order to see his true power. The Pastor is going wild and tries to stomp on miniature Jesus! So, when we get to the second issue, Pastor Button is trying to show God that he can take anything that God throws at him. The little boy runs for his parents to show his mother the mayhem. Chomsky just looks on and wonders what strange occurrence is happening.

The progression is slow but, I think my randomness has paid off. A lot didn’t need to take place because I wasn’t bored with what was happening. For me, a lot of times I want a faster pace because I am bored with the current situation. Not here. Also, Chomsky is such an easy character to relate to because we are all a little crazy and self doubting. We talk to things that aren’t real too. Chomsky is struggling like any other human and God’s Second Coming or a rotting cat will no doubt help him to find his way.

Score: 3/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Ted McKeever Publisher: Shadowline/Image Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/22/13