Review: Minor Acts of Heroism #1

Usually stories about kids, especially when they have super powers… suck. The problem is that most adults don’t write believable children and make them way too smart for their age. The last time I read a good kid/teen superhero book was Geoff Johns run on Teen Titans and since then there has been a dry spell in comics (though I’ve yet to read the new Young Avengers). Part of this week’s Submit release titles, Minor Acts of Heroism was hysterical as I instantly became a fan of it and its child stars. The story begins with Bradley and his step-son Simon visiting a friend’s house. Simon calls it Dracula’s house and points out all of the creepy aspects like the demon door knocker or the fact that there’s no electricity. Simon’s taken into the sitting room where he’s introduced to Julius’ (the owner of the home) nephew Sergio. Simon is on to their tricks as the two adults leave the room to “deal with stuff”, but decides to engorge himself on the deserts that have been left out. The two boys begin talking a bit as Simon is anything but shy and that’s all is Sergio. We cut to Julius and Bradley in the bed chambers undressing and suddenly there’s a bit of confusion about what this book is about. I found this part hilarious as it’s not what you’d think all. (Well played creators)

Simon begins pounding Sergio with questions about why he’s there and if he knows that where he lives is weird. Sergio begins opening up and agrees that the house is weird. He runs into a question he doesn’t want to answer and distracts Simon by asking if he wants to see the weird stuff his uncle left in his room. Once in Sergio’s room Simon spots some pictures of Everywhere Kid and wouldn’t you know it, he looks a lot like Simon. Of course Sergio doesn’t think so.

MinorActsofHeroism_01The story continues as the two boys get into trouble and a lot of secrets are revealed. I really enjoyed the interaction between Simon and Sergio and while they had just met, it was clear that they were fast friends. It’s hard to create a new superhero world and while this one isn’t fleshed out completely, it’s off to a great start. There’s a carefree nature to it that gives you the impression that no matter the danger, the characters will make it out. It’s funny throughout the entire issue, but the last page is where the big payoff is. The writing has a great pacing and the characters are very well constructed.

The art is definitely manga inspired. Not just with the art style, but some of the designs as well. One of the characters is a straight homage to Tuxedo Mask which was awesome. All of the characters have huge eyes, but it works very well with the design and the world. The coloring also adds to the art as it gives it a bright and vibrant look. That’s actually the thing that makes it stand out from a typical manga infused story, is the coloring.

This was a great find and while I was only slightly intrigued by the cover, I found that the story was very rewarding. In a lot of ways this is like the trinity of kids groups and it’s very cool because of that. Minor Acts of Heroism borrows everything great about the superhero genre and mixes them together to create something new and yet familiar. It’s a fun read so check it out.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist: Adriana Ferguson Writer/Inker/Colorist/Letterer: Kristen Van Dam Publisher: Super Cosmic Friends Price: $.99 Buy it on Submit Release Date: 5/22/13