Review: Nix Comics Quarterly #4

Hey it didn’t take me forever and a day to get back to reviewing the newest issue of Nix! Really have to say that I enjoyed this issue the most thus far and it has me looking forward once again to the next issue. Nix continues meshing the world of music and comics in this issue that is stocked heavily with comedy. If you missed the review for the first three issues you should check it out as well.

There are seven short stories in this issue and only two reoccurring characters that include: Bus Stop Ned and our band of Vampire killers. The first story follows Eddie and Squid, two biker gang looking dudes that just robbed store. They reflect on what happens in the afterlife, after nearly losing their lives in the robbery. One of them recounts the tale of his mother’s out of body experience and the trumpets and golden light waiting for her. The other man calls bullshit on the story and the two get into a fight that ends much differently than you would expect.

Nix Comics #4 CoverThe next story Mono-Nomicon is goofy. There is no other way to describe it, but it’s a very fun story. Two boys buy a psychedelic Sumerian incantation rock LP and play it backwards to summon demons to assist them. What ends up happening is that the incantation they speak brings two mummies back to life with startling results.

The Bus Stop Ned stories were as usual, very funny. I particularly liked the one about Ned making an “app.” All of the stories were very good in this issue and read very quickly. There was the continued theme of vampires, rock music and the devil in the book which gives the different issues one unifying connection.

The writing and art continue to be unique, stylized and interesting. I enjoy seeing the different styles for the art and especially on Bus Stop Ned. The different takes on the character are always fun and gives each story a bit of quirkiness that keeps it from being the same each time. In general this series is very unique and continues the tradition of music and comic books that I spoke so highly of in my first review. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue and hope that more people find the series and become inspired by it to do their own “music comic books.”

Score: 3/5

Writer: Ken Eppstein (Main writer) and Rachel Deering Artists: Andy Bennett, Glen Ostrander, Ryan Brinkerhoff, Bob Ray Starker, Donovan Roth, Matt Wyatt, Darren Merinuk Publisher: Nix Comics Price: $5.00 Release Date: 12/11