Review: Suicide Risk #2

Review By: Sergio Porras The summer of Boom continues and with it they've introduced Suicide Risk, a title that in only two issues is becoming one of my favorites. Issue two continued to pack a punch and has all the qualities that you would expect to find in a book from the “big two.”

Officer Leo Winters is down and out in an alley after purchasing some super powers. While the dealers are being apprehended Leo wakes up and is able to summon up enough strength so use his newly purchased powers. With just a little concentration, and a clench of his fist, Leo sends every object around him flying through the air with what seems like a wave of energy. After getting back home Leo starts to realize that his powers are becoming all too real, so much so that he is creating his own tide and is unable to keep liquids anywhere near him. While trying to learn how to turn his powers on and off Leo starts to have a nose bleed and learns that if he pushes too hard he may have a chance of dying.

SuicideRisk_02_preview_Page_1Still distraught over the events of what happened in the downtown massacre Leo decides to chase down a lead and start bringing down the super villains who should be held accountable for their destruction. His first lead takes him to L.A. where he finds Ernie Lang aka VoiceOver. During an altercation with VoiceOver Leo starts to use his powers, but finds that he is unable to control them.

Elena Casagrande has another home run at the plate with the art for this issue. I would love to know why there is a glowing effect around Leo in some of the panels. It could be possible that he starts to have some sort of aura just before his powers activate or maybe Casagrande added this effect to insinuate when Leo is angry or distressed. Either way the art is great especially when you pair it with Andrew Elder's colors. The way that Elder uses bright colors is ridiculously awesome especially when they're portraying bright flashing lights, they look as if they're jumping off the page.

It's hard to say that this is going to be a long running series only two issues in but Mike Carey definitely has something great going here and as long as the momentum can stay strong I can see Suicide Riskbeing around for a long while. The comic book industry has been in need of a stand up indie super hero series that has more of a relatable element to it and this seems to be the solution to that problem.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Mike Carey

Artist: Elena Casagrande

Colorist: Andrew Elder

Publisher: Boom Studios

Release Date: 6/5/13