Review: Transfusion #3

This story reminds me of the poem “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace.” This poem seems sweet but you know those machines will someday kick ass to get what they want. It is interesting to think how far machines will go in our future. We created them but when will that scenario flip. Will they create us or take away from us or even worse will we worship these machines we created in the end?

Transfusion is different from any comic I have ever read. It offers a look into the future where machines, vampires, and humans are all fighting to survive. The core to the machines and vampires survival is human’s blood. Seems strange that the vampires and humans actually team up to take down one factory of the machines, but I guess you can’t reason with machines. Humans will always fight along the side of something that is like themselves.

But that is exactly what is happening. William has met up with possibly the last two humans, Cat and Jess, on earth or at least in this vast area. Cat and Jess have noticed the machines have been acting funky lately. William agrees and they now know they must attack the machines’ head quarters thinking they have weakened. The three amigos meet up with hungry vampires who ultimately decide they must work together in order to save themselves.

This issue seemed a little rushed. One minute the group is meeting up and the next they have already found the machines’ head quarters and are ready to fight. I didn’t like how fast paced the issue felt. I mean these are machines and you would think they would have some sort of surveillance system. William’s group instead just walks right in and starts fighting the power center. I think getting into the main machine and the fight could have been another two issues. It was all too fast. The story is a work in progress and I am interested to see where it goes in the fourth issue. But if it doesn’t grab my attention in the fourth, I will have to let it go. The first two issues were such a good start, I would hate for the story to end how it did.

If you want to skip reading the story line at least look at the art, it is gorgeous. Mention3 does such a good job with setting the mood for this comic. Immediately opening this comic I feel cold. It is amazing how pictures can do that to you. I love the pencil drawings and rough shading, makes me feel like I am reading a prototype that doesn’t need to be messed with. I have never seen art quite like this and it just drains death out of these characters.

William and his group eventually part ways all fending for themselves. The humans will go east and the vampires will go west. It appeared to be an ending even though there are many machines still inhabiting earth. That’s why I’ll have to wait for the next issue to see where the story goes.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Steve Niles

Artist: Menton3 with Tony Moy

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 3/27/13