Rob & Condor: Pilot Episode

Written by Guest Contributor: Jordan North Now I know that this may be hard to believe but outside of comics I have many interests. One of the earliest and deepest of those is video and storytelling overall really, in its various forms. Growing up my buddies made short comedy films for themselves and their friends, with no more ambition that to simply have a good time. Starting in high school they upped the ante to film festivals put on for our local community, generating content and promotion all ourselves with no real payoff, only the payoff of having made content and the love of doing the thing. As time went on my buddies and I would go on to work for various student media outlets, and some that graduated even ended up in media based careers. We'd had fun all these years, but it was time to push ourselves to take it to the next level. What could we really do if we combined all of our experience, time, philosophies, blood, sweat and tears into a single product?

So in late summer me and my buddy at Kent State University set out to do something different, having watched shows like Louie and Breaking Bad we had formed a series of philosophies based around candidness, showing the “interesting” and giving the audience characters that felt like real people, most importantly, the kinds of guys and gals we knew and identified with ourselves. Over the course of a few months we worked around full class schedules to produce, write, star in and edit a product that we could feel good about. With zero budget and a total crew of 3 including ourselves we put together a pilot that we hope exposes people to the kinds of characters and relationships we've always wanted to see on-screen ourselves. This is the final product. Hope you like it. I present the pilot of Rob and Condor.