SDCC '13: DC Announces Posters of Covers both Past and Present

I know that this seems stupid and really it was an insignificant detail that was probably barely included in the retailer lunch at Comic Con. Bob Wayne, VP of Sales for DC, said during his retailer presentation that in August they're going to begin selling posters of their covers both past and present. This is actually really great news! The poster market for comics has died down a lot after the comic bubble popped, but arguably it was one of the best comic tie-in's and merchandising options for the industry. I think DC has some great covers and the fact that they'll be doing both new and old is even better! I'm sure they'll hit up Watchmen and other classics instantly, but personally I'm looking for anything by Adam Hughes! This very small news has made me extremely happy. Wonder_Woman_Encyclopedia_by_AdamHughes

You can read the rest of the retailer lunch on Comics Beat, but we've covered it all already.