Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Game Series Continues Today on Android

The acclaimed Sorcery! adventure game series continues for Android today with its second installment, "Kharé: Cityport of Traps," released as a £3.00 / $5.00 download on Google Play and Amazon's Appstore. Developed by inkle with input from author Steve Jackson, the Sorcery! games are popular mobile adventures are based on the equally popular Fighting Fantasy gamebooks of the 1980s. The Sorcery! games are highly flexible interactive narratives that write themselves around players' choices. Whether you journeyed through the Shamutanti Hills in the first installment or are brand new to the adventure, the enigmatic Kharé beckons in Sorcery! Part 2. Secrets, traps, and trickery abound in this bustling cityport where restless citizens and a brutal goblin army are about to come to blows. Kharé's locations change as day shifts to night and even your smallest decisions impact the story, so choose your path wisely. Even if you do reach the locked gate at the far end of the city, it will only open for those who uncover Kharé's most ancient secrets.


With more than 300,000 words (twice the content of the first game) and nearly 10,000 choices to make, Sorcery! Part 2 can be played and replayed with unique outcomes each time. In a feature unique to Part 2, you can challenge the townspeople in Swindlestones, a dice game based on lies and deceit that yields clues to Kharé's traps and enigmas. A detailed 3D street map with additional interior insets of key buildings lets you explore the city inside and out, plus there are over 30 monsters to fight with swords or fists, gorgeous illustrations by John Blanche, and a 3D spellcasting system.

To date, the Sorcery! games have had more than 150k downloads on iOS and Android combined. Sorcery! Part 2 has an average 88% review score on Metacritic and a perfect 5-star user rating on the App Store. Following the series' Android debut in March, the first Sorcery! game has also been well received by Android users and was an editor's choice pick on both Google Play and Amazon.

Sorcery! Part 2 can be downloaded for Android from the following stores:

The epic will continue later this year with Sorcery! Part 3 planned to release for both iPhone/iPad and Android before the end of 2014. To learn more about inkle's Steve Jackson's Sorcery! games, visit